Asute arhiveeritud lehel. Mine värske Arvamusfestivali lehele.

Dog reveals what government must do next

We talk a lot at the Opinion Festival about the need to be inclusive and open, and to

How diverse is Estonia?

A talk taking place at the Opinion Festival on Saturday, ‘Diversity in the Estonian workplace and society: the

This Danish man just came up with an awesome idea to bring people together

Why have festivals like the Opinion Festival become popular with so many people, what can be done to

Opinion Festival panel debates perfect user experience

How to humanise the user experience, and make the functions of software better reflect users’ needs, was the

Opinion Festival entertainment for all tastes

As if to prove that the Opinion Festival isn’t only about deep, serious discussions, there are many ways

Opinion Festival: why we’re all here

The Opinion Festival is back, with added vigour, fun, and purpose. What is that purpose, though? We’ve got

The 2017 Opinion Festival boosts English-language discussions in number and diversity

In the spirit of opening up one of Estonia’s foremost civic events to people of all creeds and backgrounds, the Opinion Festival (Arvamusfestival) will this year host a raft of discussions in English. The ten discussions and one theatre performance will be tackling a diverse range of topics, from the sustainability of Estonia’s start-up scene,

Why I’m investing about 200 hours yearly into volunteering

Maarit Cimolonskas Employee experience @Bigbank, volunteer @Arvamusfestival Some time ago, we hosted a workshop in our office where about 20 people joined from the Government Office of Estonia, European Innovation Academy, Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund, the digital agency Optimist Digital, Estonian Ministry of the Interior, Estonian Green Movement, an educational independent body Archimedes, Estonian Patients Association and some other organisations. All of these people

This year’s Opinion Festival will ask whether there could be dancing at church

The 162 discussions taking place at this summer’s Opinion Festival range in topic from the digital revolution (or the inability to keep up with it) to radicalization. As befits a year dedicated to celebrating children’s and youth culture in Estonia, a selection of discussions at the Festival will also be organized by children. The full

Ask Not What Your Country…

Estonia is in an interesting place at the moment, seen increasingly as a great spot in which to

Motherhood – burden or privilege?

There are moments when debate feels like luxury. Nowhere did this seem to be more the case than

World Peace Just Happened

‘What Can We Do For World Peace?’ is possibly the biggest question on the planet, and at the

How to prepare for a robot attack (on work)

Robots are advancing and they are hungry for our jobs. While the narrative of man vs. machine is centuries-old, the advent of

Aarhus is a Very Fine House: Why be Nordic?

Why do so many countries want to be like Nordic countries? Are they really as “happy” as they

Here’s How to Give Everyone a Say in Estonia

The official Opinion Festival brochure says that when we think of the Netherlands we think of tulips and