Asute arhiveeritud lehel. Mine värske Arvamusfestivali lehele.

About the Festival

The fifth Opinion Festival takes place on 11th-12th August in Paide.

Opinion Festival is a meeting place for the entire community, that gives a word to different political views. Its mission is to improve opinion culture and civic education. The festival is open to all active-minded people in Estonia as well as elsewhere, who together would like to discuss issues that are important for all of us.

Opinion Festival unites all society groups. All sectors and groups are welcome to join. Public discussions are being led by people who suggested topics for festival discussions. To simplify: if your topic is added to festival program, you are the one, who organises the discussion about that topic. Festival team supports you with know-how. All who have an interest and desire can take part in the discussions. The festival is free of charge.

The Opinion Festival is a place to exchange ideas on the organization of society, to get fresh ideas and new insights. Here is a chance to meet like-minded and inspiring people, and enjoy a cultural program in a convivial summer atmosphere.

All festival discussions are based on good common convention, which allows for a balanced and constructive exchange of ideas. There will be various discussion formats, in addition to a panel discussion, which we see in television talk shows. These formats include various workshops, group discussions, debates, discussions, world cafés and other innovative ways to get the talk flowing.

The Opinion festival is modelled on the socio-political Almedalsveckan festival in Sweden, which has been running for five decades, and on other similar ventures in Finland, Norway and Denmark. The first similar festival in Latvia – LAMPA – was held in 2015 along the lines of the “world rock festival” in Latvia. The organisation, which led the Latvian festival, was advised by the Estonian festival team.